The perverted spy

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I stomp down the hallway of my boss’s house. One week a month I have to travel to another country and nail his hot ass down and insist that he help me work on his web page.

I work for porn star Chris Diamond. He is young, hot, and has an enormous dick, but sometimes a pain in the ass. He loved to be outside, and if I tried to make him work inside for more than an hour a day, he would say I had was wasted the beautiful nature we had been given. Then he would talk me into going to the beach. He had gone for a run this morning and I had not gotten up in time to catch him.

I caught sight of him as he is walked into the bathroom. As I approached the door, I saw that it was cracked opened just enough that I could see him dancing. I made sure that I was standing where he could not see that I was being a perv and watching him take his close off. I knew he had been for a run because his shirt was wet with sweat and it was sticking to his hard cut chest. Looking at himself in the mirror, he took his close off. I watched as Chris pulled his shorts off and stroked his cock. He admired his naked self in the mirror.

Giving his cock four slow strokes, it bounced when he was released it. I had seen him jack off in video’s online, but fuck this was in person and live. I could see the pre-cum dripping off the head. He used it, and spit in his hand to make his hand glide over his cock easier. Taking a hold of his cock, he pumped hard and fast. He leaned back against the wall, closing his eyes, and as I watched, I could not take my eyes off of him. I knew I should walk away, but the site was so erotic watching him pleasure himself before getting into the shower.

Chris’s entire body moved with each stroke, his hard abs contracted, the muscles in his legs would tighten each time he pulled on his massive length . I could hear his breath came quicker, I knew he was getting close. He let out a low moan, and he shot cum all over his stomach. Then, to my surprise, he looked into the mirror right into my eyes and winked.